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ACEEEO Journal "Elections in Europe"

ACEEEO Journal "Elections in Europe", Volume 5: Participation in Electoral Processes.

Christine Mayer and Monika Mokre: Why Austria’s most successful vote match tool is now more important than ever

PDF-Download in English (~ 324KB)
PDF-Download in Russian (~ 245KB)


About the publication:

The journal "Elections in Europe" has been published by the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) every year since 2004. Our journal includes scientific research and topics and is based on practical experience. "Elections in Europe" has great importance for election experts, politicians and researchers of other countries who are concerned with gathering knowledge about elections from all over the world.

The ACEEEO's intent is to:
  • publish the professional experiences of different countries concerning the conduction and legal regulation of democratic elections
  • analyze the international legal tendencies regulating democratic political elections
  • improve European election standards
  • present political, legal, organizational and technological mechanisms of the electoral procedure that promote equal opportunity for the participants of the election
  • outline the activities of the ACEEEO.